Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nail Polish Survey!

 Sorry!  I've taken pictures of some tutorials but I haven't had the time to edit and put them up.  It's just been a very busy couple of weeks; which I love and hate at the same time.  Anyway, here's a survey I found and thought I can quickly whip through this for the time being.  Thanks for your patience!!

How many polishes do you have in your stash?
Maybe about 100??  I don't really know.  I try not to count so I don't feel bad =P

Which brand do you own the most of?
I have a good mix.  Perhaps Sally Hansen?

What colors do you own the most of?
Various pinks

Do you have a color/texture you do not own?
I don't have that new magnetic polish.  It's interesting but I don't know if I like it yet.

What's the one polish you always pick up to lift your spirits?
China Glaze's For Audrey. Something about that colour.

What polish do you keep looking at and wondering why you haven't gotten rid of it yet?
All the ones that have dried out and cannot be salvaged.  They're usually the discontinued colours =(

Franken any? or I'm nervous to try it?
I've never franken (mixed) my polishes.  I'm not nervous to try it, I just don't want to mix and make something horrible that has to be thrown away. =P

Do you franken for new/original polish ideas or franken for polish you won't be able to own?
I'd probably do the first.  I find that it's very hard to make a duplicate of anything.

Go-to Base Coat?
I used to have a Seche Vite base coat but it has disappeared.  It wasn't bad.

Go-to Top Coat?
Seche Vite (although, it does yellow with the hospital alcohol rubs at work).

What's your sexiest polish?
Lol, weird.  I actually think a french manicure with black tips are pretty hot.

Nail Design:
Stamping vs Free Hand?
I'm sure stamping is easier but I like spending the time to do things free hand.

Bling me, baby? or No bling for me, please!
Bling is nice =)

I consider my nails basically nekkid if they don' t have some kind of design?
Well, I don't wear polish longer than 3 days because of my job.  So it doesn't really matter.

My favorite plate/tool/technique?
I love me some pokadots. (Dots)

What I haven't tried and want to within the month?
Hmm... I'd love to try some good nail treatments actually.  All the hand washing I do doesn't keep my hands and nails conditioned.

The one elusive polish you want and can't seem to get?
I really like some of the polishes by Chanel, but I just can't justify spending over $10 for polish.

What was the last nail related thing you bought?
A 4-sided nail file.

How many nail related hauls have you bought in the last 7 days (on-line/in-person)?
NONE!  Hurray!

If you've ever been on a no-buy, how long did it last? Is that what you planned?
Never been... I actually don't hoard nail polishes =P

(and one question to grow on) Hobby? Addiction? Compulsion? Passing Fancy? Love?
Nail polish is a hobby.  It's something to do to pass the time and also get creative =)

- SheNailedMe