Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bridal Bling

I was inspired by my friend Marianne to do these nails.  A simple white tip manicure with some sparkle and bling.
I'm so happy for you Marianne and can't wait for your wedding in September!  Love you!!

You will need:
  • Color Club in Alabaster
  • Kiss Nail Art Paint in Silver
  • Jordana in Crystal Glitter
  • Seche Vite Top Coat
  • Manicure tape
  • Clear nail gems
  • Glitter

1.  Using the manicure tape, tape off the length of white you would like to have for your french tip.  Paint over it, and remove.

 2.  Then with a thin paintbrush, paint a silver glittery line where the white ends.  You can top coat the whole nail and leave it if you prefer to not have glitter in the next steps.

 3. Paint over just the white tip with a glittery nail polish.  While it's still wet, dip the tip of the nail in some glitter.  Blow and tap off the excess.

 4.  Put a dot of clear polish on the side of the white tip.  Then put a clear gem on it.  Top coat the whole nail twice to smooth out the glitter and secure the gem.

A simple french tip with a little bling.  Hope you liked it.

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