Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cheetah Cheetah

I'm not usually a fan of animal prints but lately, I feel like it's growing on me.  I've done a full set of cheetah nails before on myself and on my friends.  I think this print looks best on nails.  Zebra is nice but I felt that was too easy to do a tutorial on =P

You will need:
  • Joe Fresh in Caramel
  • Revlon in Chocolate Truffle
  • Jordana in Black
  • Rimmel Top Coat
  • Thin paintbrush

1.  Paint your nails a creamy caramel base.  I just got Joe Fresh in Caramel recently and LOVE it!  It's a nice neutral polish to wear to work.

2.  Dot varying sized spots randomly in a brown polish with the polish brush.

3.  With a thin paintbrush and black, paint around the brown dots.  You don't have to be neat.  You also don't have to connect the black lines into a full circle.

3.  Add some filler dots, shapes and lines around.  Rawr!

I love this combo for cheetah nails!  I only painted my ring finger since I still have work tomorrow.  I've read up on the rules and I'm allowed to wear polish as long as it's not chipped.  But even so, I like to keep it a little bit subtle.

Have fun!

- SheNailedMe

1 comment:

  1. Although I would never wear this I love how easy it is to make it look good!