Monday, May 16, 2011


My boyfriend likes Keroppi.  'Nuff said.  You're gonna need a really steady hand and a lot of time.

You will need:
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On
  • Jordana Lemon Tropic
  • Jordana Black
  • Jordana Island Fuchsia
  • Jordana Electric Blue
  • Wet N Wild Red Red
  • Rimmel Cafe Au Lait
  • Rimmel Top Coat
  • Thin paintbrush (couldn't find mine so I did the details with a dotting tool)
That's a lot of polish!

1. White base.  Nice and simple.  I didn't realize how streaky I had the base =S

2.  Paint on green horizontal and vertical lines to make a checkered pattern.  This will be the pattern for all the nails.

3.  Let's paint Keroppi's head.  Paint a dome shape on the tip with green.

4.  Make 3 white circles overlapping the green dome.

5.  Outline Keroppi's head with black.  I outline after painting the inner colour because I find it easier.  Don't forget to give him rosey cheeks!

 6.  Not sure what this guy is called.  It looks like a ghost... or a tissue.  Anyway, you start off with the white shape.  Then the red bow.  And finish off by outlining/drawing in black.

 7.  Keroppi has a snail friend?  Start off with the snail body and head, then the blue shell, then the white eyes, and finally outline/draw in black.

 8. Football shaped head, white eye balls and white body.  Red stripes for his shirt.  Outline it all in black.

9.  Oh look!  A red swirl for a sun.

I think this took me way too long to do because I didn't have my thin paintbrush.  I did it all with a dotting tool.  Make sure you wait for the polish to dry (or close to it) before you outline with black.  The lines will be cleaner.  I used pictures on google as reference.

Have fun =)

- SheNailedMe


  1. this is soo cute!

  2. Where do you order your fake nails from?

  3. Thanks Anonymous =P

    Aliya: I just order cheap ones from Ebay since I don't actually wear them.