Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mario Mushrooms

Whoever owned a Nintendo back in the day must have had at least one Super Mario game.  I loved playing Super Mario and I still do!  Why not decorate your nails to give your game a little edge?

What you will need:
  • Wet n' Wild Red Red (Red cream colour)
  • Sally Hansen White on (White cream colour)
  • Jordana Black (Black cream colour)
  • Paper clip
  • Contacts case

Game time!

    1. Since we're working with red, you should put a base coat on so it doesn't stain your nails.  Paint on 2/3's of the tip of your nails in Wet n' Wild's Red Red.  Make sure you curve the paint so it's rounded towards the finger.

    2. Paint the other 1/3 in Sally Hansen's White On.

    3. Put some Sally Hansen's White On in a contact case.  Dip the paper clip in and make dots on the nail in the red section.

    4. Put Jordana's Black in the contact case.  Dip the paper clip in and make two eyes in the white area.

    5. You may put a top coat on if you want. Voila! You're done!

    Gaming can be pretty too =)
    This look is also great for short nails.

    If you're curious, I don't paint on my own nails nor wear acrylics right now because of where I currently work.  I usually paint them on the weekends.  So that's why you see me painting on fake nails instead of my own.

    Good luck!

    - SheNailedMe


    1. Great nail designs! These are so cute. Might have to try some of your ideas! :)

    2. Thanks Amanda =)
      Your nail design is great too! Will definitely try yours as well ^^