Thursday, April 14, 2011

Night Out

I'm going to have a night out with my classmates.  We're done with our program and we think we deserve a good time!  We have a graduation tea during the day and then a party at night.  I thought I should erase the pink and go with a clean but fun black mani.  Something to bring me from day to night.

You will need:
  • Jordana Black
  • Fine black glitter polish (no name)
  • Kiss Nail Art Paint Silver
  • Rimmel Super Wear Top Coat
  • Sally Hansen Manicure Aid
  • 35 mins

1.  Tape with a manicure guide and paint a black tip.  My poor thumb nail chipped today =(  So short!

2.  Paint thin vertical lines of black/dark grey glitter on the tips.

3.  Paint thin vertical silver lines next to the glitter you just painted.  Make sure to leave the black underneath showing on the other side.  So it should look like glitter-silver-black-glitter-silver-black...etc.  Yes, I did get a silver/glitter fine line polish finally.

4.  Remove the tape!  You can keep it like this or do the next step.

5.  Continue the silver lining down the nail.  I went from longer to shorter lines.  You can also continue the dark glitter lines too.  I did that later.

6.  Top coat! =)

Some people don't like the black french tip look.  You can always do it in another colour or the classic white.  This was a really quick and easy design.  My hands are ready to do some fist pumping tomorrow night =)


- SheNailedMe

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