Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pokadot Mani

It's starting to become a busy couple of weeks for me.  The tutorials are coming out less not because I'm uninspired.  Just can't find the time to do them.  Feeling a bit funky today, but wanted something fast, I decided to do pokadots.  Dotting is fast to do but long to dry.  Since I'm not putting it on my own nails, I didn't mind =)

You will need:
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away (aqua blue)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On (white)
  • Rimmel Super Wear Top Coat (clear)
  • Hard Candy Walk the Line Eyeliner Lace (silver glitter)
  • Paper clip
  • 40 mins?
Yes, the eyeliner is weird.  I'll explain later.

1.  Tape a slanted line across the nail as a guide.  You can do a manicure tip or paint the whole nail if you'd like instead.

2.  Paint an aqua blue at the tip of the nail.  Don't worry about mess, that's what the guide is for =)

3.  Using a paper clip, dot white dots over the aqua blue tips.  Keeping them lined up a certain direction gives the best looking results.  Don't be afraid to dot partial dots on the edges!

4.  Once the white has dried a little, dot over a few of the white dots with the same aqua blue colour.  These dots should be smaller to make it look like there are white rings instead of dots.

5.  Peel the tap off and you should have something like this!  I suggest using manicure tape or something that doesn't leave sticky bits on your nails.

6.  Use a fine glitter nail polish with a liner brush.  I'm using my eyeliner because I don't have such a thing.  But you can buy the polish with the brush at any drugstore.  I'm using my glitter eyeliner to show you.

7.  Top coat everything and it should look like this.  Fun!

I love wearing this design on my entire nail rather than taping it off.  But since the colour is so bright, I thought I should mute it a bit by taping it off.  I also usually wear it on my big toe =)

This one is so simple! You have to try it!

- SheNailedMe


  1. Love this one Bonnie. Keep it up :)

  2. Thanks Shannon! ^^ Glad you like this one! Hope you can try it out too =)

  3. I was wondering how you did the white rings! Clever :)