Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pink Strip

I'm in a pink mood!  It's just a very girly and cheerful colour.  If I'm not very happy, I have to surround myself with happy things.  Nails first =)  This is a really simple design.  Fairly easy to do.

You will need:
  • Rimmel Peach Petal (pale pink)
  • NYC Paparazzi Pink Glitter (fine pink glitter)
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Tea Rose (light pink)
  • Jordana Island Fuchsia (pink)
  • Color Club Matte Top Coat
  • 35 mins

 1. Paint a pale pink base.

2.  This step is optional but I put a matte top coat over the light pink.  I'm testing out the Color Club's Matte Top Coat.  It's pretty nice when you let it completely dry.

3.  Paint a large diagonal strip with fine pink glitter.

4.  Paint thinner strip of light pink over the glitter strip.  Make sure to leave the glitter exposed too.

5.  Finally paint a thin pink strip in the middle.  You're done! That was easy =)

As you can tell, when I paint on my own nails, I tend to be more messy.  The messy bits come off in the shower anyway.  Give this one a go!  The only time consuming part was that the pale pink (Rimmel's pink petal) had to painted on 3 times to get it be it's true color in the bottle.

I should probably mention that when I tell you the time it takes to do the design, it really is just to do the design.  I don't factor in the drying time.

Good luck!

- SheNailedMe

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